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 „our responsibility is to keep the mind open.“ adrienne maree brown

Technicolor Dreamz speculates on a future where synesthesia – a perceptive phenomenon in which the senses merge in unusual ways when reacting to stimuli – acts as a utopian, fictional superpower. As a counter-concept to mainstream science fiction narratives that worship technological progress, highlighted through themes of oppression and power, this work shifts its focus back to empathy and sensuousness among all species and life forms.



26 – 28/10/2022 Premiere and shows at Tanzhaus Zürich

04 – 06/11/2022 Premiere and shows at brut wien


Artistic Direction/Performance: Malika Fankha
Video: Tina Kult
Costume: Goran Bugaric
Make-up/Headpiece: Valerie Reding
Silicon Objects: Nagi Gianni
Lights: Marek Lamprecht
Sound: Dark Euphoria feat. Bernd Ammann
Sound Layout: Matthias Brunner (Tanzhaus) & Philipp Schäfer (brut)
Videomapping: Dario Stefanek
Research: Andrej Barla
Movement Coach: Karin Pauer
Outside Eye: Stefan Roehrle
Production: mollusca productions
Dramaturgical Advisor: Lea Moro
Coproduction: FANKS, Tanzhaus Zürich, brut Wien
Photocredit: Tina Kult

With the kind support of the City of Zurich’s Department Of Cultural Affairs, City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs, Canton of Zurich Fachstelle Kultur, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport, Pro Helvetia – Swiss Cultural Foundation, the Swiss Embassy in Austria and Bears In The Park.

Special thanks to Sebastijan Geč and Asher O’Gorman.