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To all lovers who had to disguise and justify their longing, those who could withstand the resistance against their way of expressing desire, to those who keep challenging a monolithic depiction of intimacy despite the viscous restrictions of societal norms. To all the broken and glorious hearts who keep reimagining what we call “human” and “natural”. Let LAVA transform fear into possibility and peril into exuberance.


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An ODE to desire, to the multitudes of sexualities and sensory pleasures, to the moments we fully inhabit the illusion of a shared experience trying to evade solitude. Both elegiac and tempestuous, ODE is a synesthetic meditation on craving connection with other bodies, textures and spheres.



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KARMA is a song about abundant consumerism of online content, new age spiritualism and the emotional and social culture around it. As a stream of buzzwords in random order and rapid succession, it tries to bridge the gap between an over-engineered reality and the desire to reclaim a connection with nature, or whatever is left of it.


Written and composed by Dark Euphoria feat. Mirza Kebo for the performance AWOL (Absence Without Leave)



Artistic direction, performance: Malika Fankha
Costume: Goran Bugaric
Makeup: Valerie Reding & Cleverson Ronaldo Cosmo
Objects: Ana Rajcevic
Lights: Marek Lamprecht & David Baumgartner
Sound: Dark Euphoria feat. Mirza Kebo
Video: Timotheus Tomicek & Jannik Schleicher
Dramaturgical Advice: 
Anna Mendelssohn, Denice Bourbon
Choreographic Assistance: Asher O’Gorman
Production: mollusca productions
Dramaturgical Production Advice: Marc Streit
Coproduction: FANKS, Tanzhaus Zürich, brut Wien
Residency partners: SoArt Millstättersee (A), BUDA Kortrijk (BE), Tanzhaus Zürich (CH), Huggy Bears (A), “The Artists Are Present” Brunnenpassage Wien (A)

AWOL is supported by Stadt Zürich Kultur, Kanton Zürich, Stadt Wien Kultur MA 7, BMKOES, Prohelvetia, Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels, ACT OUT (initiated by IG Freie Theater, supported by BMEIA) and Embassy of Switzerland in Austria