© Maria Ritsch, 2017


HOT NEWS FOR THE COLD SEASON: The new solo “SAUNA” (supported by Huggy Bears, Superamas) is in the making and will premiere on January 12th, 2018 at WUK Vienna. We are happy to announce the following residency partners: ImPulsTanz Wien, CAMPO Ghent, Life Long Burning hosted by Cullberg Ballet Stockholm, Dampfzentrale Bern.

“SAUNA” is a meta-fictional reflection about identity, cohabitation and  survival stragegies. Told from the perspective of an unborn child inside a  womb it questions the reliability of narration, juggles with knowledge and facts that are largely obscure and thus suggests a new metaphorical Virtual Reality. The obsessive personality of the prenatal storyteller is driven by an unconditional claim for self-determination  while at the same time being  tied to this other body via the umbilical cord, a symbol of pure dependence and connection. Contemplating dystopian future scenarios, witnessing the trivia of everyday conversations or indulging in excentric navel-gazing, the tale evolves around the contradictions and promiscuity that shape our lifestyle: the either radically intimate or radically superficial.

Upcoming Summer Events 2017


May 23rd

Premiere of “Cars Do Not Fly”

a film by Alexander Kasses

June 12th

opening performance Art Basel

by Maureen Kaegi

June 12th – June 21st

Artist in residence at Tanzquartier Vienna

July 13th – Aug 13th

Artist in residence at ImPulsTanz Festival

July 26th

Dark Euphoria FANKS © Maureen Kaegi

Dark Euphoria DJ and Live Set at ImPulsTanz

Aug 20th – Aug 31st

Artist in residence at WTKB Vienna